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      The Conservative convention held this past May was nothing short of a spectacular event. Hundreds of Conservative supporters, delegates and onlookers arrived in Vancouver from across the country to take part in shaping the future direction of the party. The convention also allowed the opportunity for potential candidates seeking the party’s leadership to put their names forward for consideration and those mulling a potential bid to test the proverbial waters. Party supporters took the opportunity to discuss the shortcomings of the past 2015 election with surprising optimism. In Stephen Harper’s keynote speech, he acknowledged that the ‘past is no place to linger’. The sweeping changes that followed maintained such a spirit. Delegates representing riding associations from across the country, including a record number of youth, debated and made changes focusing on broadening the Conservatives’ appeal among all Canadians and especially those in urban centers of a more diverse base. A brief overview of the policy resolutions passed focused on the areas of labour, justice, social policy and the economy. Such amendments will be the basis of that will guide the direction of the party into the next election. Conservatives passed policy resolutions on: The right to secret-ballot strike and election votes… Read More »

      Given the brash spending habits within their first 100 days (as we previously noted on this blog), it really comes as no surprise to see the Liberal party blow far past their original estimates prior to being elected. It was not long ago that the Liberals won the country on the promise of running modest, consecutive deficits over the next four years for the purpose of investing in infrastructure and employment. Maybe it was naive of us to believe, despite promising to put Canadian taxpayers deep into the red, that the party would keep its original commitment to their voters and, indeed, all Canadians. Pegged at a 30.1 billion dollar deficit for the 2016-2017 fiscal year alone, Justin and his ministers have far exceeded their promise of implementing ‘modest deficits’. At three times of their initial promise, it would be safe to say the Liberals had the full intention to say whatever possible to put their party in power again. With a majority government, this country is now at the whim of the party they for sought of change and prosperity. As Conservatives, all we can see is the interests of the next generation being sold to pay for Justin’s… Read More »

      In a recent column reported by David Akin (Toronto Sun, Feb. 13, 2016): "Of the $5.3 billion in spending commitments announced by the Trudeau government in its first 100 days, just $997 million was for projects inside the country. The rest — $4.3 billion — will be spent outside Canada on everything from aid for refugees to helping poor countries fight climate change”.  Canada has a well-established reputation for generosity, but why is Justin giving priority to Canadian branding over helping Canadians at home?  Would we be better off now and in the future if he had a different set of priorities and spent this $5.3 billion on, for example, our First Nations youth and communities?  While we applaud international humanitarian action, it must be remembered that large dollar commitments like these are made at the expense of both current Canadian taxpayers and the generations that follow.   To be responsible, Federal government spending MUST take this into consideration. Read More »
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